Why is it time to BUY or Wait a 2019 Subaru WRX? – Raiti’s Rides

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The 2019 Subaru WRX is here and still features a 2.0L flat-four direct injected, turbocharged engine putting 263HP, mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox, and featuring that famous Subaru AWD! It is still a performance bargain, or should you wait for the redesign?

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DAD WAGON 2.0 says:

there will not be a hatchback for wrx or sti

Michael Thompson says:

I've never had an import, been mostly a Pontiac guy but I'm to the point where I don't like much that GM is putting out. My next car will either be a WRX or a Stinger GT with awd. Having awd is almost a must up here in MN. The only knocks I have with Subaru is their cheap ass interior and trim packages. Interior Reminds me of my ol Pontiac. Think they'd do more with it seeing as they cost what 35k +? And why can't I get the sport package on a limited? I personally love a sunroof, also want nav, heated seats, LEDs but I can't get all that with a sport package, how come?

Fearless Vajra says:

Buy or lease?

Nette Jean says:

Hi Joe, So I told Frank that I was concerned about my foot on my clutch pedal during stop and go traffic. My foot doesn’t reach the floor. I feel my leg getting tired. Last night we went to check out the Focus St but their last one was sold. Subaru was across the street. I wanted to check out the pedals on a BRZ. Car is very low and pedal placement was ok for me. Then we saw a 2019 Ice Silver WRX STI. It looked awesome! I sat in it and my foot reaches the bottom. Then we test drove it. OMG, this car feels lighter than my mustang but it isn’t. I can’t believe how punchy it felt. I loved it! So now the dilemma… Do I take a chance that I can handle it as a daily driver and take a hit on the Mustang Ecoboost even though mine has more options and a better infotainment system. I never thought I would feel this way about a car nor that these cars are not designed with short people in mind. How did you feel after you switched from your Civic Type R to the Focus RS? What put you over the edge?

Desmond Gomes says:

i am really hoping for a redesign for 2020!

SirBrass says:

The Limited WRX trim has LED headlights & fog lights, so it's not just the STI that has those.

Also, it's very silly to assume subaru is going to quickly ditch the FA20DIT motor after only 1 wrx generation (as I've seen in comments). Subaru knows that while small, the enthusiast community is integral to their success. They're going to continue with a WRX & WRXs STi. They'd be throwing lots of money away to not do so.

southshore74 says:

Shitbox…….80% of New Owners trade this shitbox in after 1 (one year) "Consumer Reports" TFL Car

theyellow240z says:

I dunno man subies have no personality. It always reminds of a car that a soccer mom bought for their spoiled kid. Evo ftw

Falbere! says:

When do we here in Asia get the 2.5L STi tho? We only have 2.0L STis

Hennessy * says:

My co-worker bought a 2018 Subaru wrx new after 10k miles .. Nothing but problems …

Isaac Myers says:

Hey Raiti, I've subscribed! Right now my YouTube favs are you, Redline Reviews (Sofyan Bey), and Straight Pipes (Yuri & Jakub), I thoroughly enjoy watching all three of your vids. As an enthusiast myself, I am naturally drawn to a raw AWD performing vehicle. I was drawn to the GT-R and then the WRX initially, but after driving Kia's new StingerGT AWD I was sold, and drove home with my new 2018 AWD fastback by Kia. Out of curiosity, what is your take on the StingerGT as opposed to the STI or a Focus RS? Some compare it to the Porsche Panamara and the Audi A5 Fastback. What say you?

Happy Poop says:

Hmmm i cant wait for a few more years like it will come 2020 but ill have to wait 2021 for other people to try it out lol so i bought 2018 and no regrets.. probably looooool

R says:

interior is too tight

DiZaZTeR says:

gotta love that lapis blue. I have the same one but 2017! Love mine. It's got Cobb Accessport, Stage 1 MA Performance tune, Eibach Lowering springs, K&N Cold Air Intake, Invidia N1 3" Single Exit Catback, 18×10 +25 Wheels, LED's. Soon I'm grabbing a downpipe and a new tune to put me at 330WHP. Can't wait! BUY it! FA20 is a great platform. You can get so much more power with just an ethanol blend tune, no need for any supporting mods it's already good to go for E85 blend and you gain a TON of power from it im talking like 50-80WHP

Motivation Mode says:

Please get rid of CVT.

Turtlesoupzzz V says:

Why do you advertise an outdated motor/car? A Corolla nowadays goes faster and is easier tuned lol stage 3+ which is what 60percent of subie owners have max at 380 hp, that's terrible.

pete4757 says:

Raiti, love your reviews. What would be your recommendation for achieving the STI rumble in the WRX?

Crotone79 says:

Had my 04 WRX for 14 years!! Subaru has totally lost the plot in recent years and I will never buy another until they up their game in styling and engine design!! Way overpriced and underpowered in today's market!!!!!

VX_IXA says:

I say wait. The 2020 is rumored to have a hatchback version.

Sam Rushton says:

im sorry but you sound like a car salesman

moe stock says:

Pretty sure the leather/red stitching in the doors only comes with the performance package.

djteako says:

LOL the center little "change cup" is actually perfect to fit a Bic lighter , for us smokers LOL. And for the USB port, not sure about the '19, but in the "18 it can't be used for charging. Still have to have a USB adapter for the 12v plug in the to charge anything

Paul S says:

Thanks for the review.

Brad W says:

I need you're help! If it was your hard earned money would you get a 19 wrx sti, a 2015 camaro zl1, or 2015 evo, or golf r? These companies make some great stuff, each and everyone 🙂 I need more money……

Ohhh, take into consideration I keep things for a long time, looking for a long term smile thats reliable 🙂

If you think i should look at soming eles to lemme know!

G U A P O says:

My guy, it’s not really 265hp off the lot/truck.. it’s really 205hp at the most as the same goes for the sti it’s stickered from the dealership with 305hp when in reality it’s 240hp at he most.. don’t get these cars if you don’t want to invest with a lot more money for the real power gains!


Great video. I see that you upgraded to a better mic audio source sound better.
Your channel growing nicely!
How do you get a chance to review these cars? Do you reach out to dealers or do you know people on the inside? I did a short review of my buddies Lexus GSF the other day if you want to check it out. It so much harder then it seems. To remember all the specs out of the blue and the history and differences between previous models. You do a great job. Also I wanted to make a T-shirt or hat for my channel. Is it difficult to produce in smaller quantities? Any companies you recommend?!

Thanx again and keep up the hard work.

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