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the WRX Had a great day on the dyno! Unfortunately the spark plugs blew, but that’s part of it!

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Dustin Williams
The University of Southern Mississippi
118 College Drive #9496
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

——-MOD LIST—————
APR Performance GTC300 Carbon wing
INGS N-Spec Front bumper
Work VSXX 18×11 265/35
HT Autos Fender Flares
Seibon Carbon fiber hood
Tomei Exhaust
Invidia Catless Downpipe
ETS intake
Cobb AP
Pro Tune

-My GFX artist: http://www.ac-creatives.com/


Jaedyn Lewis says:

He should put a better exhaust on it

Sean says:

I think he's hoping to blow the engine up now. Then he can get something that's actually fast.

Munther AL-sulaimi says:

Mine lasted 4 days on 350wtq with a very conservative torque curve (all torque comes after 4k rpm) , bent 2 rods and broke 2 pistons skirts as a result… just be careful.

MrWarfd001 says:

The car comes stock with 300hp, wtf have you been doing for the last year. Such a joke, surely just by buying a brand new wrx and running e85 you'll get that.

Should probably consider delivering pizzas

Skeptical Skeksis says:

I finally got put everything on and got a tune at Yimi Sport.
-2015 STI Limited
-353whp & 443fpt
– Cobb Access Port
– Cobb Flex Fuel E85 Kit
– Cobb Fuel Pressure Sensor
– Cobb 1050 Injectors
– Cobb Short Shifter Bushings
– AEM Fuel Pump
– Perrin 3 Port Boost Control Solenoid
– Perrin EBCS Mount
– Perrin Air Oil Separator
– Perrin Turbo Heat Shield
– Process West CAI
– Synapsis Diverter Valve
– Killer B Holy Header
– Killer B Up Pipe
– Killer B Ultimate Oil Pickup
– Killer B Oil Pan Baffle
– Killer B Pulley Cover
– Invidia Catted Downpipe
– DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap
– Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust
– All Grimspeed Gaskets
– Ohlins Road & Track Coil-overs
– ACT Modified Street clutch

yeskel Chavez says:

Been following your build since forever and I Love the car, but dude, find a Good Tuner, with your mods which is basically the same that I have you should be Making Real power with E-85, spark plugs or not, car should've made at least 360-420, and if you want your motor to last bring that torque down, stock rods cant hold more than 370 reliably. just some advice from a fellow subie owner. I made 406 AWHP on a mustang dyno and we limited the torque to 360 at about 4500-5000 Rpm.

Michael Saenz says:

everyone saying that his car could handle more, its not likely… FA's are good engines, but cant handle anything over 380 RELIABLY, (Dynojet numbers)…

Jon Suarez says:

Your WRX is so loud; it’s music to my ears

xXSlayerNoobXx says:

Dustin better upgrade to a better block or else just i guess blow up that Boxer 4

Perception on Purpose says:

yo the subi is beast mode loud

G Jenkins says:

Dustin, just my opinion bro. Wide body kits are nice if ya mold them to the body. No screws or rivets exposed. Your car looked good before you did all the exterior mods. But to each his own. It is your ride!

G Jenkins says:

Love Subaru. WRX is a great car for the money. If you do any significant power mods,you should start by planning a solid built block. Factory blocks will not withstand the boost levels and increased HP/TQ. Clutch will be first to go. Then your block. Good luck to ya. Anyone who says they have made big power on stock motor is" rolling the dice"with the stock block.

diaBolicaL 88 says:

next video: *I BLEW UP MY ENGINE FML*

Colurified 2 says:

the angle of your wing probably slows it down lol

Bobby Dallaz says:

Yellow light need to go

ar0d422 says:

I really hope you upgrade your rods soon

B1ue Hawk says:

That cold start though

Ben Porter says:

Your audio is a bit low I could hardly hear you

ThatGuyDaniel says:

The plugs are gonna be a pain in the ass thanks to the boxer

Taylor Duke says:

What lens do you use?

Prohibition Juice Co says:

Those arent Works VSXX

DeaD AiM says:

Dude, ur camera is way too shakey. Very nice vid tho!

Royce Fast says:

fix ur damn audio or get some subtitles ffs

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